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Hello!  Hope you enjoyed it, thanks for playing :)


here is a little bit of my gameplay, game is a bit too hard for me haha

Hi! Thank you so much for playing! The trick is to switch the character often, I'm sure by doing this you will be able to complete the level!

Hey bro, thanks for playing our game! We'll let you know when future updates are available where we MAY nerf enemies. Have a nice day :D

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A thousand thanks!  It means so much to us!

Hey thanks for playing!  I hope you enjoyed it and our enemies didn't make you too angry :') . Also thanks for the feeds they are always useful and will help us improve the game



Але до боса задовбався бігти ... дуже довго.

І ще анімація коли стоїш трохи гальмує наче впав ФПС

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Thanks for your feedback! We will try to optimize the game to avoid fps drops :)


no no no 

FPS does not fall 

when the little man is standing ... his animation is too slow ... and it seems as if the FPS fell ... you need to tweak the animation

Oooh ok! Thanks man!

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cool arcade.bravi

Thank you for playing and for your feedback <3


Really great game!! Good job guys ;)

Thank you very much <3