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I was really struggling.. but had a lot of fun:>


Hi, i'm one of the developer. Thank you for the comment and the funny video about our game XD.

We really appreciate every feedback (and gag) that you gave us during the video and we are working hard to bring the full experience! I saw that in your version for example the mop and the dirty terrains are missing (they have been implemented just recently). Also in a few days we will implement a new obstacle: the drunken demon! Plus a tutorial, so everyone can understand exactly how to play our game instantly ^-^

Thanks again and we hope you can have more fun with our little game! :D


Hi Filippo, glad you liked the video! I'm happy to see you devs are already working to push out new obstacles and updates. I think that tutorial you're working on would help a ton to get people started quickly. 

Keep up the good work! 

If you ever need some voice acting/voice over for anything I'd be happy to help as well! 

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Thanks! Sadly right now we don't have any intention to add dubbing to the game. It's a shame though... i think that with your voice you could have dubbed really smoothly


No worries I understand! If you end up working on another project that needs it feel free to reach out. 

Best of luck with the updates!

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Hello, man!

I am one of the designers behind this little game and I just wanted to reach out to you and let you know how your video was a BLAST to watch!
Filippo has already pointed out most of the more important things, but since I wasn't able to write a comment before I am just here to say thank you... a bit late. <3

Keep up the good work, and happy gaming! C:


AW thanks so much that really means a lot..very kind! I really like both of your effort to show some gratitude for everyone here in comments who played. I'm sure it's quite a bit of work but it doesn't go unnoticed!! 

Best of luck Francesco!


i loved this game! i played it once to see how it was, and really loved how fast-paced it is. i then played it again for a video of mine, your game is included in the time stamp 4:47 - 5:48! i had some good laughs playing this, and i hope to see more development :>

P.S. i tried so hard to get three stars but deemed it impossible with my temper XD


Hey I'm one of the developers, thank you so much for playing and posting! We loved your video, we're definitely subbing x)) 

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hello dev! it was my pleasure to play, and thank you for the subscription i appreciate it a lot!


Hello, my dear!

Your video was a blast to watch, we thank you so so much for trying out and enjoying our game! Future updates are on the way, and we hope that you will like the more polished versions even more... and maybe finally reach the impossible THIRD STAR! :D

Have a nice one, keep up the good work! <3


hi dev, thank you for your kind words! i am very excited to be able to check out the future updates, and yes maybe someday, one day, someway i could reach that oh so lovely third star.... XD


Hii, I've made a video about the game and wanted to share some feedback about it, hopefully it is useful to you ^^

-The idea of the game is original and fun.

-I really liked the gameplay mechanics but I think that adding more depth and levels to the game would be awesome as well as some kind of upgrades system.

-Visually the game looks nice but there are times where camera could be improved by improving the "see through the walls" part.

Hopefully this is useful to you :D, also if you could subscribe that would help me a lot :)



Hi! I'm one of the developers! 

Thank you for your video and efforts made! We surely appreciate your feedback and we will keep it in mind while updating the game! I would suggest to keep an eye out on the project in the upcoming month! 


You can send me an email to "" with the info about the game, just in case I miss it when it gets released haha ^^


Hello, my friend!

First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH for your time in trying out our game and also doing a YT gameplay on it. All your feedbacks are extremely appreciated!
As you may have noticed the game is still not quite finished, and we are planning to release a better version (in terms of gameplay depth as well as in the general user experience) in the near future.
I'd also like to point out that some of the features you mentioned were originally intended to be part of our game, but got sadly cut due to a lack of time during the development: our hope is to be able to expand it as much as possible and, possibly, implement also those features, but only time will tell!

Thanks again a lot, happy gaming! <3


You are welcome ^^


Funny as hell! :)

Thank you Facchi!  : P


The instructions are very unclear. As another person said the controls aren't labeled but you said that's a work in progress. I also am very uncertain what I'm supposed to do for any customer after taking their order which I haphazardly managed to do. I eventually found the surprising fluffy ghost or such room (souls?) and I assume those are the raw ingredients that are part of a customer's order and I choose one that's roughly the same color. I haven't figure out how to do anything with them and it doesn't seem to be left click, right click, or e on the oven like thing or what seem to be alcohol tanks on the opposite counter. I understand a lot of people enjoy games without tutorial but I figured it might be a little helpful to point out this perspective.


Hey! We know that currently the tutorial section is a bit poor in the explanation and the game does not give any hint about that, we're currently working to add feedback in-game to make it more clear, also we're planning to explain better how to play in game.

Now I'm gonna answer to the problem you had: the room on the left yes, is about exactly what you said, the souls are the ingredients.

If you point the mouse over a soul and you are in a certain range within the soul (this lacks a feedback right now), if all of that is done correctly an outline appears around it and by clicking left or right mouse button you pick it up in your hand (depending on the click), when it's in your hand you can throw it by clicking again.

To make orders you have to throw souls in the machines near you when you spawn. If you want to make an order on a machine with less than 3 souls just press E while pointing the machine (it should highlight).

Hope that I did clear things for you, we'll update the itch description ASAP and thanks for the feedback, it helps!


    Wow, this is a very nice game! I definitely dig the "hell but its stylish" vibe, and so far everything seems super smooth. It's awesome to see the consistency in style not break anywhere, and it really gives off a polished feel. There is undeniably a lot of effort put into small details which really brings this game together. I was particularly happy to see the x-ray view once your character is behind an obstacle, and a ton of other great features.

    My one thing is the "controls" section of the menu. I'm not sure if maybe I missed something, but I'm a little unsure of what it's supposed to be; when it opens I see the keyboard and mouse setup but no "labels".

    Overall I can definitely see myself sinking a ton of hours into this game, and definitely recommend. Thanks for sharing and great work!


Thank you so much for your feedback! We really appreciate that and we're happy to know that you enjoyed the game!

As far as for the controls section, that's still a work in progress and for the moment there's no way to change your key setup. That's why it's still blank. Not a bug, just something temporary.

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Hi, i'm one of the developer of the game. Thank you for your kind words: we are very happy that you enjoy our little project this much. ^-^

As Onellama said, that page is still a work in progress so for the moment is just wonky.

This game doesnt work.


Hello, I'm one of the devs! Could you please explain what happened?

I tried the latest build right now and everything seems to work as intended, but if the game gives you problems we intend to learn about it and fix ASAP.

If the problem you're talking about is from a gameplay viewpoint instead feel free to tell us your feedback too!