Pathramid is out NOW! (Trailer inside!)

After four months of hard development, tears and sweat, we at TeamBallo are proud to tell you that Pathramid is finally available in its final version! 

It still needs some fixes to be perfect, but all was needed to be in the game IS in the game now so... have fun!

ChangeLog v.1.1.1
  • The SlowTime Button: some seconds after it's recharged, will start a little blink animation to remember you it's there....waiting... (please notice me)
  • Added menu navigation by using keys (both keyboard and JoyPad, still in testing, prepare for unforeseen bugs)
  • You can now select you favourite controls to play with in the MainMenu > Options > Controls (Ps4 joypad is still in testing, be aware that it could work badly depending on how much the game loves you)
  • New sprite for the bomb (because the one before was a little out of context)
  • The credits button at the victory scene of the final HELL level now looks correctly (is no longer cursed by his predecessor placeholder that we forgot there)
  • Other minor bugs (remember all of them is tough)
  • File optimization by removing some useless stuff (Yeah, we did a file genocide)


Pathramid v1.1.1.rar 276 MB
Jul 14, 2020

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