Pigment 1.1.9 Update

Hi everyone, Jair here!

I'll be the one giving you all updates on our game, Pigment! Nice to meet'ya!


    Now you can navigate the menues with a controller or a keyboard!
  • Now the color fountain will set a checkpoint when touched, making you respawn from there if dead
  • Breaking a vase will now drop the color you'll need the most
    • 80% for the color you have the least of
    • 15% for the second color you have the least of
    • 5% the color you have the most of
    Keep in mind that the drop chance of getting any color at all remains the 50%
  • Minor bug fixes and polishing

What's to come:

  • Third and final dungeon with a new mechanic
  • New enemies
  • Adding a way to let people change the keybinds on both keyboard and controller
  • Adding the last major props
  • Adding SFX, VFX and animations 
  • Overall polishing and bug fixing


PigmnetProject_0.1.9.zip 47 MB
Jun 21, 2022

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