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Follow the path of the leaf and the flame, accompany a young shaman on his learning journey. Help him face the trials in which the gods will test his abilities and decide whether he is worthy to possess the power of creation and destruction.

The player aims to reach the top of the level by solving puzzles. Inside them, you will find altars with the power of fire and nature, which you will have to use to overcome certain obstacles.

The player will be able to study the surrounding environment thanks to the rotating camera, which can move to frame one of the four faces at the player's will, to find the solution to the puzzle and reach the top. He will have to pay attention to find his way to the top in the labyrinthic temple.


Guè Guè Team



  • Pietro Sbordone

Game Design:

  • Matteo De Nuzzo
  • Federico Uccelli
  • Francesco Zicchieri

3D Art:

  • Chiara Castelnovo
  • Samuele Giuliani
  • Vince Henriquez

Concept Art:

  • Silvia Barbi
  • Miryea Crippa
  • Ciro Di Sabatino
  • Lisa Locatelli
  • Gioele Salvi


Ascent - 135 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip, then launch the .exe file.


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Soothing music, matching the harmonious choice of colors throughout your level, good job! The challenges were a bit easy in the sense that they didn't require much creative thinking. I know how complex puzzle-game development can be, and trust me, it's worth making it complex! Not too hard, but not so easy, unless you intend the game for 9year old children :) Cheers for this beautiful experience you just gave me!