Version 1.1!

After a bit of development, we're releasing the first new content for Hell of a Management, everything is explained below.


Let's talk about terrains, they are meant to be a nuisance to the player and add challenge to the game, but they can be cleaned and give points. To clean them you have to retrieve the mop from the bathroom (the room on the right) and place it on top of them (either by throwing it or walking with it in one of your hands). Removing terrains with the mop yields a small number of points.

Terrains give negative effects to Garth when he's on top of them, be careful to not let a lot of terrains accumulate in the pub or there will be some trouble for you.

Some terrains are already present at the round start, giving you a chance to clean them up first with the mop, others are created by customers when they finish consuming their order since they give no respect to Garth. But mostly... terrains are created when you miss throws with drinks or dishes, be careful with that.

Also, there are two types of terrains: slippery and sticky, which are tied respectively to drinks and dishes (in that order).

Other important changes

When pointing the mouse on a customer who hasn't given you its order yet you can see the number of ingredients their order will be, this was added to avoid situations in the last seconds of bad luck where all orders are composed of 3 ingredients and undeliverable due to time, so now you can control your score better.

When ending a round the score remains visible, that was a problem we missed on the first release, but now is fixed.


That's it. Hope you enjoy the new content from the Hell of a Management team! See ya on the next update.

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Jul 23, 2021

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