Version 1.2!

After taking a short summer break, we came back with lots of new interesting features.


This was necessary, so now you can see and experiment with all new and old features without reading the Itch page!

Drunken demons

During your tiring shifts now drunken, harassing demons can burst through the door and make your job even more difficult.
You can dispatch them by grabbing them and throwing them out of the door.
If you can grab them, of course...


We solved that nasty bug that prevented you from grabbing the souls in the storage room.
Now it works 100% of the time.
We also made slight changes to the scoring system and the plates. Now it will feel better overall.

That's it for now.
We hope you'll enjoy the new content.
Stay safe, and have a hell lot of fun!

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Aug 23, 2021

Get Hell of a Management

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