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In the suburbs of Glasgow, there is a small village left behind. The are rumors about a family that lived in an old house during Great War II. This house conceals an unrevealed story made of lightheartedness and dispear, fear and obsession, a past and the origin of your fragmented pain.

You spent your childhood in that house.

House of voices is a psychological-horror adventure game, set in an old house full of forgotten memories.

Solve the puzzles and explore the house to discover your past and present.

Help him to unravel his mind and clarify his thoughts. 


Movement Mechanics

Free 3D movement 

  • Keyboard : W,A,S,D
  • Controller : Left analogical stick

Pick up objects

Some objects can be picked up, moved around the house and can be examined.

Small objects can be carried in an inventory.

Big objects can only be carried by hand.

  • Keyboard :
    • To pick up: Mouse left click
    • To examine: E
      • Rotate obj: Left click and drag
      • Exit examination : E
    • Put obj in inventory: R (upper pocket), F (down pocket)
    • Drop obj: Mouse right click
  • Controller :
    • To pick up: X
    • To examine: X
      • Rotate obj: Left analog stick
      • Exit examination : X
    • Put obj in inventory: LB (upper pocket), LT (down pocket)
    • Drop obj: B


The player can open or close doors

  • Keyboard: Hold and drag mouse left click
  • Controller: Hold RT and right analog stick (up or down)


The player can interact with the objects in is inventory when he wants

  • Keyboard: (view at body) R of F to up or down pocket
  • Controller: (view at body) LB or LT for up or down pocket


The player can smoke a cigarette to calm down the character while is panicking

You will need cigarettes and matches in order to smoke one, these two items will be stocked in a special inventory. 

  • Keyboard: (view at body) E
  • Controller: (view at body) RB




Game Programming:

  • Filippo Calmasini
  • Orfeo Daniele Lazzarin
  • Filippo Alberto Munaro
  • Leonardo Pedrina
  • Michael Rizzolo

Game Design:

  • Arrigo Berton
  • Andrea Bettin
  • Indigo Di Domenico
  • Matteo Mazzari
  • Manfredi Spagnolo

3D Art:

  • Riccardo Cutrino
  • Ferdinando Fracasso
  • Haridas Ghesini
  • Filip Homcenco
  • Alessandro Menegon
  • Riccardo Perina
  • Luca Trollo
  • Marta Zardetto

2D Art:

  • Francesca Beghelli
  • Giorgia Desiderà
  • Matteo Peresin
Rated 4.0 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorEvent Horizon School
GenreAdventure, Puzzle
Made withUnreal Engine
Tags3D, Exploration, Horror, Psychological Horror, Singleplayer, suspense
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse, Xbox controller


HouseOfVoices_1.24.0.zip 773 MB

Install instructions

Download and unrar, then launch the .exe file.

Development log


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can I play this game on mac


Hello there, thank you for showing interest in our project! unfortunately for now is being developed for windows. 

We'll keep updating the game every week , and see if one of those updates we'll be about being playable for mac :)

Deleted 1 year ago

Thank you very much for trying our game! we'll keep uploading new Demo builds with new updates until the final release in july :D