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Kronoparadox is a 3D sci-fi FPS featuring time travel elements.

1994 - Bermuda Triangle: in a secret laboratory, hidden inside a mysterious island, a mad scientist works on a time machine that, due to a malfunction, generates a temporal rift, dragging abominable creatures from past and future ages into the present.

The fracture also causes an upheaval of the environment every minute: everything inside the building changes appearance and functionality, including the weapons available to the scientist.

Take on hordes of fierce chimeras with your trusty, temporally unstable weapon.

Step into the shoes of the scientist and correct the space-time continuum!



(Scuola Internazionale di Comics and ACCA Academy, Year 2, 2021/2022)


Game Design:

3D Art:

  • Alessio Belfiglio
  • Francesco Giambra
  • Jurij Saccomandi
  • Natan Aceto
  • Miriam Lamatrice

Concept Art:

  • Ambra del Moral
  • Andrea Fanese
  • Chiara de Santis
  • Francesco Antonioni
  • Jasmine Confalonieri
  • Leonardo Saracini
  • Marco Latini
  • Matteo Coronati


Kronoparadox_Launcher.7z 43 MB

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