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Features and Storyline

Projekt Kaktus revolves around its cactus protagonist, Jacktus: at the start of his adventure, he finds himself in the crosshairs of some aggressive tumbleweeds who seem to have an axe to grind.

Starting from a dilapidated cemetery, Jacktus runs towards danger through a desert, a mostly abandoned town and a big dark cave.

  • JACKTUS: you’re the coolest cactus in the west… ‘nuff said ‘bout that
  • SPINES: your spines are your health, so manage them carefully; shoot the evil tumbleweeds but try not to die in the process;
  • RECHARGE: we don’t want to kill you too easily, so stop shooting every now and then; when your recharge bar is full, your spines will be replenished in a snap;
  • ENEMIES: the only fools brave (or stupid) enough to face a gunslinger cactus are tumbleweeds, and you will encounter them in a couple of different fashions

Jacktus gradually consumes his spines when shooting or getting hit by enemies; as he gets weaker, his texture also loses color saturation.

Jacktus always refills his recharge bar over time, and you can speed up the process by letting him stand near a sunlight source; when the bar gets full, Jacktus instantly recovers all his spines at once.

Now, take control...and have fun.

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  • GD1 / Team Referee - Enrico Andreuccetti
  • GD1 - Andrea Giacobbi
  • GD1 - Tommaso Osti
  • GD1 - Giorgia Carlotta Rossato
  • GCA - Elisa Mugnol
  • GCA - Emma Cesarano
  • GCA - Loris Colosimo
  • GCA - Erica Bares
  • GCA - Isacco Amarelli
  • G3D - Ismaele Giraldo
  • G3D - Michele Passerino
  • G3D - Riccardo Pedrina
  • G3D - Sara Gurnari
  • GP - Davide Marin
  • GP - Davide Marchesan


Projekt Kaktus v1.0 [with Post Processing] 507 MB
Projekt Kaktus v1.0 [NO Post Processing] 507 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip, then launch the .exe file.


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Wish there was an option to claim game since I don't have access to a pc right now so I can't download it

Weee ciao :)

Allora, i colpi non colpiscono sempre. Ho provato a restare ferma in un punto dove i nemici sparavano e a volte colpivano, altre no (senza che mi muovessi).  

Nella cava la telecamera segue un po' lenta e il personaggio vibra quando sei ai lati della visuale. Però mi piace di più che ci siano tanti nemici e più caos.

Non c'è il pause menu D: esc per fare pausa ed è ritornato al main menu facendomi ripartire da capo T_T 

Però mi piace <3 

Deleted 3 years ago