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A group of AI has rebelled against the mother AI, Grace. After years spent in a collapsed building Tina -an ancient remnant of a long-gone past- is found. With the help of Tina, Grace will try to put a stop to the AI's rebellion.


  • Abilities: use the different abilities of Tina to destroy the enemies in front of you.
  • Weapons: plenty of different weapons for you to find during the game to fit your playstyle.
  • Mix them! Both abilities and weapons in combo lead to devastating results for your enemies, what will you like the most to use?



Game Designers:

Concept Artist

Game Programmer: 

3D Artist

Sound Designer:


Martina Archetti, Andrea Yang, Serena Colombo, Matteo Nigro, Ivan Tummolo, Luca Firpo, Matteo Lo Piccolo



RRP V.1.0.1 - Build Release.zip 295 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip, then launch the .exe file.

Development log


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When i started the first mission, the character drops down, it lands and there is an explosion effect. But then the screen is just black. I can open the pause menu. I see and can move the crosshair. I can hear an explosion sound effect when i click left mouse button. So i guess the level is still running and i can shoot, but i just can't see anything. Disappointing, this game looked like it was going to be fun.

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Hi! I'm one of the game designers of the game, thanks for the report of this bug. Sadly we are currently investigating on it, it happened to us also a couple of times. I can only suggest you to try and restart the game, it happens only sometimes D:


We just uploaded a new patch, it should fix the issue + other nasty bugs! Have fun ^-^

Good game. Cute robot design. Game is too quiet, sound volume are too low (the sound in the video is high cuz I increase it when editing). Sounds are randomly muted, so I have to check the setting to adjust it again.

Not bad, though.

Hi! I am Tommaso, one of the developers of this game. Thank you a lot for playing our game and also thank you for the feedbacks, we will try to fix the problems and bugs, the game is still a work-in-progress so every feedback is really appreciated :D

Kind regards, Tommaso.