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Vampire Mansion is a 2.5D action platformer in which the player impersonates a sheriff - a vampire under the rulership of the Ventrue Clan - tasked with the securing of an old mansion near a small town.

The mansion was used many years ago as a “method of execution”: it was filled with criminal vampires that were sentenced to death by the clan, thus entombed inside the building forever, with no way to escape.

With time, the lack of blood supply had driven them mad, and those who survived were nothing but feral husks of their former selves - wights.

The player has to enter the mansion for the first time in years, kill the wights, and restore the electricity supply in the building, so that the strange noises of the wights will not draw any more curious humans.


The player, while exploring the mansion, can move around freely, thanks to the jump feature and climbable ladders, and can also attack the wights with their trusty pistol, shooting them from afar.

The wights can also be impaired by the might of the Ventrue Clan: the sheriff’s powers.

The powers are two: Presence and Dominate. The latter instills deep fear in the wights, making them flee, while the former imposes a sense of inferiority in them, greatly reducing their movement speed.

While exploring, before the lights in the mansion are back on, the whole building will be almost completely dark, except for some sparse lights here and there.

This problem can be solved with the use of a flashlight, that will light up a cone shaped area in the direction the player is pointing to.

To get the lights back on, the player has to find the energy room. The catch is that said place is behind a special door, one that can only be opened if the player finds three blue keys scattered throughout the mansion. After finding them, the player can access the new area freely, interact with the electrical cabinet, and light up the mansion once again.

Another - only decorative - feature is the presence of radios, placed all around the map. These radios will repeatedly emit sounds: (fake) news from around the world, music, and so on, to better deliver the feeling of an actually existing world outside the game itself.


Digital Dreamers



  • Alessandro Vogliano

Game Design:

  • Mirante Nicholas
  • Lorenzo Battistutta

3D Art:

  • Simone Ciampi
  • Maksi Thompson

Concept Art:

  • Camilla Fadda
Rated 3.0 out of 5 stars
(1 total ratings)
AuthorEvent Horizon School
GenrePlatformer, Action
Tags25d, explorati, Noir, plat, thril, vampi


Vampire Mansion 1.0.0.zip 116 MB

Install instructions

Download the folder, extract on the Desktop and enjoy!


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The movement and gameplay is a little rough and the controls are not immediately clear, the premise is not exactly unique or interesting and everything is a bit hard to see.
3.5/5, gets points for mostly functionality and a lil bit o' style.


Thank you for the feedback! It is really appreciated because it will let us know that we need to learn and improve more! It was a one-month school project but if it will be the possibility to fix it in the future we'll surely work on it!