The Wings are flying higher...

Hello, Wonder Wings fan.

I'm Enrico and I'm here to update you on a couple of cool things we just added to the game.

The plane goes boing

One of the first (and most frequent) feedbacks we got, all through our playtesting sessions, was on how the main character (still a placeholder) bounces back from a collision, so... here's our fix: now there's a knockback that pushes you back a couple of centimeters, giving you enough space to maneuver back to "safety".

Let us know how you find it.

It's bigger on the inside

As you may notice from our latest build, there's a new desk in town, and it seems it's here to stay. A few of the ideas swirling around our heads, at the beginning of the game design process, revolved around a game that could push players to explore. In time, we realized we had to sacrifice it for a stronger core gameplay experience, but, as the old saying goes, "not all ideas are there to die a quiet death".

The new desk gave us the perfect opportunity to play around with this idea again, so prepare yourself, 'cause there's a "labyrinth" waiting for you inside... and a nifty little power-up at the end of it.

Red team, standing by

Finding the last enemies of the wave can be downright frustrating, we know, so we're experimenting with a few things to help you defeat those last few unicorns.

For now, a placeholder radar is shown on the UI, but it will soon be substituted by a more subtle on-screen hint when the game sees you... a little bit lost.


This is all from me, Enrico, and the Echo Ludens team.

As always, be on the lookout for more updates soon, and thanks for playing with Wonder Wings.

Echo Ludens, out.


Wonder Wings [v. 0.8.7] 95 MB
Jun 01, 2021

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