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Wonder Wings is a flying shooting game with the plushie Mata as our hero, fighting his eternal enemy, SpellHound, and his evil minions.

The player controls a plushie, with the goal to defeat all of the enemies in the room, mostly toys themselves, without crashing into obstacles and trying to use all the available power-ups to survive the fight.

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Mata is a plushie cat and the protagonist of an animated show called Animagic. Her antagonist is SpellHound, an evil sorcerer who wants to subjugate the world with his dark powers.

Because of the show's great popularity, there’s a lot of merchandise, with a large number of action figures and plushies available, including the one the player controls in Wonder Wings.

The everlasting fight between Mata and SpellHound lives on in Ian and Mia’s room, as the mother of the two siblings buys the two toys (Mata and SpellHound) for her children.

Both the protagonist and her enemy act as their animated counterpart, so SpellHound brainwashed all of the other toys and hid in the attic, concocting the next step of his evil plan, now in motion in the real world. It’s up to Mata to defeat Spellhound’s minions, making them come to their senses thanks to her magic powers. 

She can’t fight SpellHound right away as each room leading to the attic is sealed by magic and she has to clear every room to reach her nemesis and, eventually, defeat him.





Game Design:

  • Enrico Andreuccetti
  • Ludovico Casella
  • Alessandro Di Napoli
  • Claudio Scuderi

3D Art:

  • Sara Gurnari
  • Filippo Marchina
  • Riccardo Pedrina

Concept Art:

  • Erica Bares
  • Camilla Casarin
  • Loris Colosimo
  • Elisa Mugnol
  • Maria Vittoria Zocco


  • Mattia Pani
  • Federico Rosato


Wonder Wings [1.2].zip 115 MB

Install instructions

Download and unzip, then launch the .exe file.

Development log


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amazing i love this type of games particulary if it was multiplayer

Thank you so much for the feedback. You're not the first one to tell us that... let's say that we'll keep it in mind. Thanks, in the meantime. :

si te digo la mentira este juego tiene futuro

Lamentamos que no te haya gustado, estamos arreglando un par de cosas que tal vez te puedan interesar. ¿Quieres contarnos lo que no te gustó? Gracias, en cualquier caso, cualquier comentario es bueno.