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Hi itch.io! 

We are Mentis Falli, an indie development team composed by fellow mates of Event Horizon School in Padua (Italy). We are jumping right now into the indie market with our new project Venice 2089.

We are so overwhelmed by the positive feedback and comments we received so far! A special thanks to all the people (almost 17k!!!) who have downloaded and played our latest build and to itch.io that has featured our game in the feed page. Thank you so much!

We are here to explain a bit what we’re working on at the moment and what the future of Venice 2089 would be...

In the next months, we’re going to optimize the current demo to make it playable on PCs with lower specs
We didn’t expect so many downloads and we want to make sure that the game experience is not compromised by lags and framerate issues.
Then, we are testing a MacOS build to let our Apple friends play the game.

Stay tuned for these updates in the following month! You can follow us on Twitter and Instagram to receive our latest news.

As for Venice 2089 as a game, we are figuring out how the final game will be. We are planning to release it somewhen in 2021 and it will feature the full story of Nova during their vacation at Grandpa’s house, as well as a larger map that will make you explore new Venice areas. We are also looking at all your feedback in order to better improve the final experience in Venice, with an augmented orientation system, more stuff to do with your drone, more tricks to perform with the skateboard and more animations for all the characters.

In the meantime, we’re actively looking for a publisher! ;)

If you happen to be interested and want to reach out e-mail us here.

Have a nice day!

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