Venice 2089 is dashing to Steam!

Hello friends! 

It's been a while, and with 2020 now behind us, we would like to take stock of the situation so far. 

First and foremost, we felt the need to find our own identity, therefore we decided to rebrand ourselves as Safe Place Studio, leaving our former name of Mentis Falli

In the past months we worked and reworked many aspects of our game, Venice 2089, in order to deliver the best experience possible, thanks to your critical (and numerous) feedback. 

Said feedback has paid off, and we are proud to announce that we will release a brand new demo on Steam on January 25th.

This new demo will feature a new level design, a reworked drone and a new musical score. It will also feature long requested additions, like Video Quality Options for lower-end PCs and a series of quality-of-life fixes. 

Although Steam will be our main platform from that day forward, we will not cease updates and activity on our other platforms, such as and GameJolt, as well as our social media. If you want to receive our latest news make sure to follow us both on Twitter and Instagram

We’d also like to sincerely thank everyone who has shown support for the game and the team, and those who downloaded the demo. We strive to make something that you will enjoy, before the end of the year. 

Have a nice day,

The Safe Place Studio Team

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Will the updated versions only be available on steam or itch too going forwards?

For now the updated demo will only available on Steam! But we don't completely exclude possible releases also on in the future