Gods Gauntlet update

Hello there from Friendly Fire Games!

It's been a while since our latest release, but during this time we worked hard to enhance the whole game experience while adding a little flavour by improving the visuals.
Here you can find a quick recap of what has been done and what has changed.
Major implementations await ahead and will be fulfilled in the upcoming weeks!!

  • Environmental destruction
    Env destruction has been added for props, enemies, destroyable walls, weapons and more You can now feel every strike and watch the enemies, literally, fall to pieces!
  • Levels polish
    Levels have been polished regarding the outside of the gameplay area by adding foliage, water, waterfalls and much more!
    Now they are more thriving than ever!
  • Animations
    The whole set of animations has been tweaked, polished and extended, giving a more coherent and fluid gameplay
  • VFX
    Many VFX have been added, from enemies glows to waterfall steams
  • Sounds
    We implemented gameplay and environment related sounds.
    Even if not definitive, they provide a much more deep level of immersion!

What lies ahead

In the upcoming weeks we will add several contents, such as:

  • Third Level
  • Level modifiers 
  • Boss battle
  • Cosmetic rewards

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