A downloadable game for Windows

A seamless dance of death to restore life.

Improvise your actions according to the weapons infused with power by the god of Death.

Beware of the enemies, since you received only one fragile gift from the god of Life…

  • A magical world, suspended in an eternal stasis between life and death
  • Master levels that will take you from the heart of the jungle to the top of the mountains
  • Make the best use of weapons, find the best paths and dominate the scene in a seamless dance of death to restore life.
  • Rack up combo after combo, improve your performance and compare yourself to other Champions who are attempting the same challenge in an online leaderboard





Game Design:

3D Art:

Concept Art:



Gods Gauntlet - Update 4 1.1 GB

Install instructions

Download and unzip, then launch the .exe file.

Development log


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Hey guys! Amazing Game! I'm an animator looking for a project and I was wondering if you are looking for anmators. I leave my showreel here!




All the best! 

Hi Ruben, thanks for the appreciation!
We are not currently looking for animators, but we can stay in touch if anything changes or for our upcoming projects we are developing.

Contact us at friendlyfiregames2022@gmail.com for further informations.
In addition, you can follow us on Linkedin to stay updated!

Hi, I'm studying game and interactive audio at university and was wondering if I would be able to use your game to apply audio for one of my assignments. Would love to get in touch :) - Maxx

Hi Maxx!
Contact us at friendlyfiregames2022@gmail.com to discuss it!

Ok. So. I found a softlock on the menu

  1. Enter a Name and Select Confirm
  2. Click "New Game" again
  3. Enter the same name in the text box
  4. Name will say its been taken, and you cant press the play button unless you enter a different string every time

I think this means you cant load save files from the menu.

Hi Relma! We are the game development team, we have read the feedback you left us. First of all, we would like to thank you for the time and testing you have dedicated to us and our product; unfortunately, we don't have the capabilities to build the game in Linux, since none of us work with that operating system and there would be no way to test. As for the frame drop we are working on it, to make the game lighter in certain areas so all the machines can run it without problems. We also thank you for the feedback on the main menu. We upload a new build every friday with the week's progress, if you decide to try it again someday we would love to! Have a great day!

Please compile your game for Linux. Thank you.

Downloaded a Windows VM, and it mandated I have a GPU. 

I got it to run in wine but the framerate drops like a brick.

Hardware intel i5, 16gb ram