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Acá dejo una corta review de Venice 2089 

I played the demo on Steam but I was more comfortable commenting here on, I love the premise and concept of the game! Especially when it is totally plausible... Other than that I love the artstyle of it! It looked so good next to the buildings and their bright colors popped up! I also like how somewhat futuristic it is without going full on cyber-ness what with robots and towering buildings, it looks nice!! I also love how different the characters are from one another, it helps differentiate the cast and make them their own individual people! Looking forward to how Nova spends her days in Venice!!

Thanks for the demo, I played it on demo but while leave feedback here as Steam comments are not open (as meant for the release).

Settings: it would be nice to get resolution settings, as the only way to toggle fullscreen is to use Alt+Enter apparently (surprisingly, I have better performance in windowed mode with no screen tearing), and even in windowed mode you cannot resize the window. User may also want to be in fullscreen, but at lower resolution to gain performance. But I assume it will be done by the time of Steam release.

UI: it may be more consistent to show an interaction icon whenever an interaction is possible


When giving a flavor to the ice cream seller, you don’t see a picture of the item given, and the dialogue doesn’t always mention what item was given, it assumes the player knows it. In fact, many items can be given, sometimes it’s not obvious that it could even be used as a flavor, so I didn’t understand some dialogues and forgot what item was in my inventory. Showing the picture and name of the item, and/or referring to them precisely in the dialogue would help. As a bonus, the rewarded colored plastic spoon description could recall what item was given in exchange for this.

When talking to the Bird Lady, she basically offers a 2-day mission due to the low/high tide system. However, I happened to only find her on Day 2, having collected both types of feathers. As a result, the dialogue was a bit odd, where she’d ask me to come back later. Fortunately, I was curious enough to talk to her again, and complete the quest on the spot (she was talking as if one day has passed). Maybe checking the current tide level to adjust dialogue would make it better.

Unfortunately, when it comes to time durations during quests, not specifically the tide system, but in general in adventure games, there is always this weird part where the NPC says “Go and find X!” and the player character is like “Okay, I’ll come back!”. And then if you already had X, you talk again and the player character says “Hey, I found those!” whereas in fact they had it from the beginning. A few games, though, detect if you have X on 1st dialogue and will chain with a special sentence “Oh, I happened to have these”. You may do the same, depending on your writing budget. For the specific case of tides, it may be a little more complicated to write, but should be feasible.

Exploration: when using the hoverboard, looks like the 3 color tokens correspond to 3 layers of music added to the dynamic BGM? Does it also give a boost, or is it just the natural acceleration of the hoverboard that makes you faster? At first, I thought they were collectibles, so I was surprised to see them respawn, but if it’s for boost/music then it makes sense. Sometimes, you lose it a bit fast as you turn a corner, but I think it’s not directly related to turning around a corner, but rather just fading out after a given duration?

This one is looking really promising. I do hope there's enough content for a part 2 (and maybe 3 (hehe) but for now, here's the very beginning of my Ve-ry-Nice journey. 
P.S. using the Steam version, but nevertheless gonna leave this one here.

Aaaand part 2 which was mostly collect-a-thon one, but still it was cool to meet new characters and see Venice in high noon tide.
Also Leo is great and I want more of him plz

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looks cool but the characters need to have better on the animations

does it run on 32bit

This was a very pretty game and the adventure aspect was a lot of fun.

Made a video


Bella raga, padovano here, bellissima la demo


I really like the art style and gameplay of this I didn't get to play it all cause I played it for a random games video but its pretty interesting and I had fun overall 


I veryyyyyyy love this game!!!!!!



unfortunatly the game wouldnt load but i still show off your page and linked the game in my vid 

Thank you, and sorry for the inconvenience :(
Our recent Steam demo is more optimized than the one we have here on itch ~ If you're willing to try it, let us know if it works for you! :) 

thank you i'll add it to my steam list for a let's play later


I enjoyed this game so much, it was so cute and wholesome (and I'm suddeny craving basil ice cream lol). Made a vid, I hope you enjoy! 


Basil is SOOOO good, right? Thank you so much for the video <3
If you want to give it a go, we have an updated demo on Steam :)




Please make a Mac version, I would love to play this game.



Wait, why is Nova wear trainers in the art and wellies in game?

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Love the game! The art, the gameplay, everything!

will this work with windows 7 - 32 bit


I really had fun playing this game!

Thank you for playing the game and sharing it with us :)


This game has a chill vibe but after two plays my fire wall picked it up as threat i thought i should bring that up.


I played a bit of the game, and it looks very interesting. I'd love to play more, but the framerate is so shit I really feel it's unplayable. It doesn't look like it uses high-end ray tracing, so I'm not sure what's going on. Regardless, I think you should have multiple graphical settings or something.


Hello! I recently played the demo and had lots of fun with it! This game looks pretty great and promising!

Here are some impressions and suggestions that I wrote after playing, I hope they'll be useful :


Thank you for your feedback! 


I love this game so

much! It has everything! beautiful graphics, amazing sound, great story, free-rome! One of my favorite games I've played on my channel! I've only made it through Day 1 at the moment but will definitely finish it!

Thank you for playing the game and sharing it with us :)


now im sad because of you :( . i want more but there is no more and i have to wait for full game :(.

also it took me a while to make it run on linux(not to long but still), since your making this game with unity it shouldnt be a problem to release linux and mac version. but even without that i will surely buy full version :D

ps. controller support works great, only downside is i used ps3 controller so i had to first check all the buttons to see which one do what :D


This game is wonderful and has a promising future, the art style of the graphics are very well made and pleasant to look at, the mix of 3D scenarios with 2D characters was a great choice, the soundtrack has a great harmony with what happens in gameplay, the story is very interesting and I really liked the references like the "20s music" or the history of the commemorative coin. However, there are some problems like optimization, I have a weak notebook but it didn't get in the way, I just had some difficulties when loading but it wasn't a big problem, it would also be very good if the player could choose between playing with the controller or with the keyboard, so at the time of the tutorial you wouldn't have to look at the options to see which key corresponds to which button; another thing that would improve the experience in the game would be a way to better locate yourself on the map, I am not a big fan of HUD on the screen so I believe there may be a way to improve the location through the signs.
Anyway, that's all, I really hope that this project can be launched one day, it was a great experience to play the Venice 2089 demo, I would also like to apologize if something I wrote didn't seem very consistent, I'm still learning English, A hug from Brazil, have a nice day.

(I don’t know if this was a problem that happened only to me, but I decided to add it to the analysis, at the end of the demo it was a little difficult to read the names that appeared in the credits due to the blur of the movement of the scenario, you should take a look at it, after all it would be a pity that the individuals involved in the project did not receive due recognition).

Thank you for your feedback!


this game demo is so FUN! it took me a while to get the hang of turning, but it's quality is just.. AMAZING! i can't wait for the full version to come out!


i love the game <3when you gonna translated to spanish?


The art and music are both absolutely wonderful so amazing work there. I found myself really immersed within the world due to the sound design alone and the art also stood out to me. The mix of everything is really nice. I did have a bit of trouble with loading up scenes, transitions, and movement, but that was probably due to the graphics slowing down my computer and it being laggy as always. 

When the player is told what button to press to do what it was only for controller users and it would be nice to get something for keyboard users. I was able to memorize the keys after looking through the options menu. Perhaps as you develop, you could give an option to pick whether you are using a controller or keyboard so that it could display the correct controls. 

Another suggestion would be some sort of mini map at the start. It was a little daunting seeing such a large area and not having much of a guide. The signs helped a little but were a little confusing from time to time- It wasn't a huge issue for me but I'm just putting it out there. 

The game is definitely a good experience so far and I'm happy to see where the finished product goes in the future. Keep up the good work! 

Thanks for the feedback :)


I hope this game has save progress button for more stories (i mean more days). :D

Hopefully to be implemented in the future :)


I can't configure my USB control, the buttons are wrong, and "SELECT" don't work =( 

I tried to play using keyboard and "TAB" (inventory), it' don't work too.

The art is so beautiful and the music is wonderful.

Thanks for the experience (even though I can't get past grandfather).

Sorry for the bad english, i'm brazilian =)

Bye, i will wait for the answer. =)


when the full version coming please reply devlopers?


we wrote a devlog to answer some of your questions :)

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Deleted 3 years ago

thank hope u guys get a publisher soon :)


woaahhhhh, when i downloaded this game i didnt realise it was a demo :( now i'm super sad because i got so much into the storyline, i absolutely love it and im so curious about whats happening next! when will you let us know the full version is available? ^^

so happy you liked it! somewhen next year hopefully

It looks so fun and unique, I would love to play it, but I have IOs :c


stay tuned :) 


I really liked the game, is original how do you decorate your boat house, is something personal(betteween player and game) and it is kinda creative, i really liked the characters(specially Nova haha), but, i think the game needs more music, and voice lines. That´s all i think, the game is 10/10 and i will play it when it releases, i love it, good job!

Thank you so much for playing and for your feedback! :) We're happy you liked collecting trophies in Nova's boat house <3

No se porque me crash el juego cada que salgo del bote. No lo he podido jugar por eso

Probably an optimization issue. We hope to fix it in the next build update! stay tuned :) 

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