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I love this game, my only complaint is on keyboard it is near-impossible to change directions. It's literally faster to put down the hoverboard, turn around, and get back on.


great graphics!

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Good game,i enjoyed it,but theres a bug! please fix it or i cant play this,heres the bug:right when i go outside on day one all i see is black,i can only see the dialogues,but i cant see nova and the city,please fix this!

Did you fix it yet?

Probably an optimization issue. We hope to fix it with the next build update! stay tuned :) 



I didn't get far into the game but I love the designs of the characters and the environment!


This game is really cute and cool imo, loved the combo of 2D and 3D arts, really good job folks.

The soundtrack was cool overall, although I found the loop for outside a bit bland over time. The idea of adding extra layers of music when collecting these shiny rings is a good idea but some of the chords used there sounded a bit dissonant to me. Is that intended.
Btw I really liked the credits song and gramps' guitar performance. Your way of integrating music with the environment was marvellous ^^

I also did not let a single bird live in this town. Cecilia was so proud of me, I can't tell ^^
Thanks for creating this game!

Thank you for playing it :)


linux support? :)


pressed download nothing happen


That's pretty strange. Have you checked if your browser is blocking the download?


is this killjoy


omg lmaooo


i pressed download and literally nothing happened im just kinda confused


i completed day 2 and entered nova's room but now im not able to enter day 3 

third day is not available yet, sorry :) the demo ends at day 2. Thank you for playing!

Does this game need high specs?


pls, 32 bits D:

i am probbably going to tip but game devs wait for my paycheck please


This is a very cute looking game

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i loved the art style it's so cool!!


hello, could you make it available in portuguese and spanish?

I agree!

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Nitw reference in the bedroom of Nova ;)


Yayy you noticed! :D


This game is fun! It's very relaxing to just skate around in the city, and there's definitely a solid foundation here.

If you're planning to make this game commercial, I would definitely suggest finding a native English speaker to translate/clean up the dialogue (assuming you don't have one). As it stands now the English is functional and understandable (and for a while I actually didn't know this was a foreign game), but there are times when it seems rather unnatural.

Can't wait to see what comes of this project :)


Looks interesting, I will try...


we can also broadcast steam, contact me if you want instagram mgun55


really good I'm waiting for new updates, the rest of the game :)


will it be a Linux version?



Love the art style! Love Venice! Love seaweed ice-cream!
Hope to see more days added :)

Will Turkish language option come?
if your game has a great but better optimization it will be perfect

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we wrote a devlog to answer some of your questions :)


very cool, I liked it a lot more, could you put an option to decrease the graphics performance to stay cool on weak computers?if yes thank you very much🥰


We're working on that! Thank you so much for playing :)


System Requirements? :D

i have 


Proccessor : i5 3210M

Graphics card : Intel Graphics HD 4000

Is it going to perform well?


yes i have those requirement verry simular.And the game ran good,so don't worry about that

thx for reply


I haven't played it yet, but I fell in love with art

So happy of that :)


+1 Same

I'll give it a try! 

Thanks! :)

And the minium requirements?

I need to know them because i don't want to destroy my pc

Hello! We haven't gotten to the point where we exactly know the minimum requirements for the game, but we know it suffers from performance issues as it isn't optimized that much.
So if you're having framerate problems we're very sorry, but we are working on fixing these issues :)

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Venice, Italy?!


Yes, we are an italian team :)


Oh cool!

This looks cool, I may play it when I have time...

We hope you will! <3

Greaaat art.


We are so happy you like it <3


Well, this is delightful. Looking forward to more.

Thanks! Stay tuned for more :



Thank you so muuuuch :)

Most Welcome ;D 

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I really like your game and the protagonist. Thank you for making and sharing it. Is there a way to save and load where you are in the game? On my laptop it's too laggy during the 3d scenes, which won't hinder me to play it, but it doesn't make playing quite enjoyable

Hi! Thanks for playing the game! For now the game is not optimized, but we will work on fix (hopefully) soon! As for the save and load system, it surely will be featured in later releases :)


Love the art!!

Thank you very much :)

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