Devlog #2

Hello Guys,

In this devlog, we are addressing the changes we have made since last time. The buff system is the central topic of today, since we have reworked it. In addition, we have implemented some new things:

BUFF SYSTEM: Our new goal is to have the players make builds. For this reason, we reworked the mechanic:

  • The players can now store up to 5 buffs per run.
  • 11 new buffs, reaching 20 buffs in total.
  • The buffs do not expire, except for someone.

CRIT DAMAGE: Fathos and Tuchulcha needed some more offensive "weapons", so we implemented the crit damage:

  • The crit will happen with a 10 % chance in every attack (except active abilities);
  • The crit deals 150% damage;
  • Implemented crit buffs in the list (crit damage 1 & 2, crit chance)

MINOR CHANGES: We improve the experience of the player with some visual and gameplay refinements:

  • The UI is now more space-saving (health bar, transformation bar and ability bar);
  • Added some textures of the final product;
  • Added the current room in the UI;
  • Changed the start menu;
  • General improvement of the combo system

That's all for today. We hope you are looking to see more in the future!



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Jun 09, 2021

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