Devlog #4

Hello Guys,

In this devlog we implemented and polished some important features:

  • TUTORIAL: One thing the game needed was a tutorial were the new players could learn the core mechanics of Aita. By clicking on the option in the main menu, the player can access the tutorial.
  • ABILITY SYSTEM REWORKED: Thanks to your feedback, we noticed that the players do not use so often the active abilities. So we decided to change the old mechanic (COOLDOWN) with a new dynamich mechanich. To fill the bar, the player has to hit enemies. Every attack's type fill the bar of a certain percentage. Every THIRD attack, the value is doubled. This system allows the players to be more aggressive and mobile. 

That's all for todays Devlog. We hope you stay tuned for the final work of this project.



Aita Build - 20210621.rar 564 MB
Jun 21, 2021

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