Devlog #7

Hello Guys,

In this version, we gave to our two fellows demon-human a new move. We worked really hard on distinguish the two mob. We hope you will like the idea. This is what changed:

  • NEW MOVES: The Gnoll now jumps whenever he sees us! This quickly attack will give a much more importance to the dash, so be aware of that. The Capumano wants to stun you with his sharp spear! He charges up and then realease a powerful attack that stun Fathos.
  • BALANCING: We saw that our game became a little too hard from what we wanted, so we balanced the stats of the enemies in order to give the players a more powerful feeling.

That's all for today, in the next version, we will add more parts of the HUD such as the pop up window of the buffs. We hope you enjoy Aita as never as before.



Aita Build - 20210714 - B.7z 788 MB
Jul 15, 2021

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