Devlog #3

Hello Guys,

In this update we added a few things. We are working really hard so we hope you are looking to see more.

CENTRAL HUB: Last time we implemented the Central Hub with a first glipse of what the player can do. Today, we added the feature of powering-up. By interact with a certain point, the player can now upgrade permanently his stats: LIGHT ATTACK, HEAVY ATTACK AND HEALTH.

In addition, we improve the IA of the mobs, spawning them not anymore as hordes but as pure waves of enemies. This happens everytime the player defeat one. The numeber of enemies is still the same.

In conclusion, we almost have the Graphic of all the parts of the game. We cannot wait to let you see the final work. For now, enjoy the new version and we will see next time.



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Jun 15, 2021

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