Devlog #2.5

Hello Guys,

This is a smaller version of our devlog. Even if its quite short, in this version we have implemented the Central Hub. Here we explain what this feature consist of:

CENTRAL HUB: The Central Hub is a safe zone where the player can do different things such as strenghten base stats and buy items. For now, since we are in the early stage, the player can only buy Items. We are working really hard in order to implemented all the facilities.

  • The player spawn at the central hub every time he dies by clicking on the pop up.
  • In order to progress, the player, for now, has to buy one item (just to test this new feature)

ACTIVE ITEMS: By clicking on the Miracle's Well, the player can buy items that are generated randomly every time we enter the Central Hub.

  • The player can equip one item per run.
  • Added three items: POZIONE DI SANGUE SACRO (Restore 30% of max health) POZIONE DIVINA DI SANGUE SACRO (Restore full health), COLLANA DELL'ESPLORATORE (Gives one random exploration buff)
  • The effect of the items last only for the current floor.

That's all for today's small update. Thank you for supporting Aita.



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Jun 10, 2021

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