A downloadable game for Windows

Embark on a magical journey!

Become the Racoonie! A small, yet courageous adventurer traveling through the land to collect the blessings of the four ancient spirits.

The game is still a work in progress!  

Feedback is appreciated!





Game Design:

3D Art:

2D Art:

  • Simona De Marco
  • Benedetta Abbate
  • Francesco Orabona


Control Scheme:

   :                                                :                              
   :                                                :                            
   :                                               :                                           
   :                                                :                                         

Install instructions

Simply download and unzip, then launch the .exe file.


Racoonie_v1.0.1c.zip 515 MB

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O hope that, as the game is updated, you add customizable keyboard config. I swear.... WASD are good for when you need to move the camera  around with the mouse, but for games like this is painful.

Besides that, i thought the graphics look pretty good and is nice to see more games like this being made for computer.

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Amazing work, the style is coherent and the levels are well built, there are just a couple of empty spaces that could be more interesting like right after you recieve your weapons and right before the mayor. Personally its hard to understand when you are done helping the people of the first city. the last boss was hardly readable even after reading the last comment, i agree it needs something else to understand what to do, second part too because the second attack of the goat is useless before the boss fight so i was not used with its functionality, i tried to use it on normal enemies but it wasnt effective. In conclusion, amazing work so far, i was really happy with the game experience, just some details to fix (when you go over the bridge and the racoon shows the hat, the Hat was not rendered)

Hey, thank you for your feedback
In the following weeks, we'll try new ways to make the learning experience inside the dungeon and the overall boss fight more accessible to everyone!


how do you kill the big bull boss


Hi! First of all, thank you for having played the build
The boss is still really difficult to "read", I don't wanna spoil the whole fight but you should try mixing the attack of the Tanuki and the headbutt of the Ram


Thank you i ll try this later

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nice game been looking for a game like this