The Cosmetic Update #9

Once again, hello everyone!

It's Tommaso, here to update you one more time on the development status of Racoonie: Legend of the Spirits!

Since the last update, we've kept working on the Swamp, focusing especially on Crock, the boss of the dungeon. 

Of course, this didn't stop us from doing all sorts of things in the meantime, like adding a bunch of cosmetic items that you can add to your own personal raccoon and much much more...

Let's not take too much time and start with the showcase of the 1.0.1

Owlo, the guiding spirit, finally looks the part

With some very nice robes


Binoculars have been scattered throughout all of Everland

You can see the game from a new perspective by using them


Hats and such can now be worn by the Racoonie!

You'll need to find where to change yourself


Crock is ready to rumble!

Can you beat him?


The swamp truly feels alive now

How did those mushrooms grow so big?


And more...

  • We've added new tracks to the game, mainly in the Swamp, in the forest, and in Evervale
  • NPCs, now talk without really talking
  • The mayor now greets you at the entrance of Evervale
  • There are also more signs guiding you through the village
  • Changed the quest marker over NPCs' head
  • Added some NPCs and dialogues to Crock o'dile Swamp
    Now the swamp is more lively, with some people that aren't trying to attack you
  • Updated a lot of things in the Crock boss fight
    Now it should be more clear what you need to do and generally less buggy
  • Optimized everything we could possibly have
  • We continued fixing bugs and we fixed quite a few

That's all we have for now.

With everything as it is, this could be the last update of the game, since today we have to deliver our project to be evaluated by the school.  After that, we're a bit unsure of what will come afterward and what we'll be working on.

To "celebrate" I decided to find the earliest concept of the Racoonie vs the final concept, here's the result

The style and idea was very different at the start of the project, it was much more "traditional warrior"

Honestly, regardless of what happens next, it's been a great ride. Everyone on the team had a blast working on the game and we bonded over a cute shapeshifting raccoon, which is something.

We tried keeping this journal to share with everyone our progress but also to remind ourselves where we started so that we could look back in the incredible time machine that is the internet and remember. I think we did a pretty good job. 

I certainly had a lot of fun writing these posts and was quite interesting learning from other developers how they approach this kind of thing.

We hope that you'll hear again from us, in some way or some manner but for now, that's all from the Dramatic Iceberg! 

Thank you for following Racoonie: Legends of the Spirits, we hope you will have fun playing the game! 🦝

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Jul 19, 2021

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