Of Fixes and Combat #2

Hello again!

It's me, Tommaso from Dramatic Iceberg, back again for our second devlog on Project Zeldo

What have we been up to? What was boiling in the freezing cauldron deep down the Iceberg?

Things are steadily moving forward, some things were added and a lot of things were fixed. 

Sadly the implementation of new exciting stuff, like the model of Big Bull, was slowed down by some school work, that's why we decided to work on fixing some minor bugs that were lurking around and work on some small changes that eventually needed to be made.  

Now let's get to the meat of the 0.4.3

The scarecrow was updated and finally given some well-deserved love

Following up on last week's chest VFX, we also replaced the keys from 2D to 3D, that's a whole extra dimension

Other changes include

  • Changed the Tanuki basic combo, now you can move a little bit between each attack
    We noticed that attacking was too static and didn't feel great, so we decided to add the possibility to move a bit between each strike
  • Changed some rooms inside the Big Bull's farm 
  • Changed the Angry Farmer Chicken to be easier
    The old Angry Farmer Chicken was too much of a nuisance to deal with, so we made him less angry
  • We made the NPCs reactive to the Tanuki's attacks
    This doesn't mean that you should hit them or that they like being hit
  • New Ram headbutt VFX
  • A lot of bugs were fixed
     I don't want to bore you to death with bug reports, just know that there were a whole bunch of them

We are also working  hard on Big Bull's animations hoping that he can be implemented as soon as possible, for now, check him out

Last but not least, as we said last week, we worked to improve on our itch.io page, we've spent some time trying out some stuff and learning how the layout worked. 

Now the page is populated by our lovely characters and who knows, maybe we'll see some more in the future!

That's everything I've got for this week

Thank you for reading and see you next time!

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