A Magical Forest Takes Shape #6


You know who I am, Tommaso here again with a different type of devlog. 
Instead of the usual updates, since we don't have many, let me show you what awaits in the long journey of our cute hero.

After our hero defeats the Big Bull thanks to the blessing of the ram, new paths will open, leading to a totally new environment, with new people in need and a new spirit trapped by a scary new boss... exciting! isn't it?

Honestly, I can't wait to show you what we prepared this week, deep within our cold iceberg we are working hard and these are the results!


With every forest comes a river, they go along so well!

It's so relaxing, watching lilypads passing so slowly, guided by the calm currents of the river, who knows where they will go. The stream slowly but surely leads deeper and deeper inside the forest. 

The color palette is vibrant and colorful, as we wanted the game to be. A magical adventure of a cute hero in a lively world.


Aaaah, what lovely sight, the green trees and the road filled with mushrooms really make me wonder where it will lead us.

As you can tell, our second dungeon is located deep inside a forest, much much different than our Sunny Wheat Fields and the Big Bull Farm. We really wanted to have a more magical and mysterious location to be explored. 

Being lost in the forest with a flowing river that flows alongside you, is a really a classic combination and we wanted it as well BUT we also tried planting glowing mushrooms all over the place.
They help us add a bit of color even in the deepest part of the woods and really drive through the idea of a magical forest. The kind of place where a spirit would reside. Maybe that's the reason why the mushrooms are so big and glowing...

I'm sure you're asking yourself "What kind of spirit?"


Deep inside, at the end of the river,  a  large statue stands, immovable, surrounded by an endless supply of magical energy

After venturing through the woods where no one is courageous enough to enter... you found a small pond, where everything seems to be a lot bluer. This is where the spirit resides and where you'll meet him.

As in the farm, the encounter with the spirit is truly a magical moment, a hideout from all the action and puzzling that you've done.


Of course, the forest is the home of some new enemies, some of which have adapted to the particular habitat in which they live.

We wanted to continue to maintain the same shape language that we established with the other foes but with very different behaviors and gameplay. Can you guess what they'll do inside the game?


Here they are!

The inhabitant of the forest, minions of the evil fox, and when they aren't trying to catch you, generally nice people.

That's everything we have prepared for you this week!

I hope you found this little change of pace refreshing because we sure did but this isn't the only thing that's changing!
The game is moving forward and many things are starting to take form, becoming what we wanted and what we envisioned for this project. The road is still long and the tasks are still many but we won't be discouraged!

Thank you for following the development of... Racoonie?

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