The Sound of Big Bull #4

Hey everyone!

Welcome back to our weekly devlog! I'm Tommaso, as always, here to showcase what's new in our latest build.

Last week, we started doing some playtesting, trying to find out what worked and what didn't. A bunch of things popped up, especially regarding the fights with the Scarecrow and Big Bull. 

We want to make things understandable to you, the player, but without making it feel too cheap.  Everyone loves that sense of accomplishment of finally solving a big puzzle after some trial and error. But, we don't want the process of trying and failing to be frustrating, making everyone feeling kinda miserable. 

That's our goal for the following weeks and then you can expect new things to arrive.... like new places to explore...

Let's not get ahead of ourselves! I know what you're wondering: What's new in 0.5.2

SOUND ON! Or something like that

We added a bunch of sound effects to help with feedback, they're placeholders but really help to make the game feel more alive

Ramming with style!

Some villagers are now more stylish than ever

What's more?

  • The trees and wheat have been plumped up
  • NPCs have now much more interesting things to say, try talking to them
  • Evervale has a new mole terrorizing the poor old ram
  • The pause menu now shows the collected heart fragments and some useful hints
  • Attacking the lanterns now swings them
  • With the shield up, you can now move around...a bit
  • While charging Ram's charge, you can now turn around 

Sound effects,  cooler NPCs with more in-depth dialogues, what's not to love about this week's progress?

We're continuing internal playtesting and fine-tuning the dungeon and Big Bull. We're close to a formula that we feel satisfied with.

Thank you for following the development of Project Zeldo

See you next week!

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