Hello Itch.io! #1

Hello everyone!

I'm Tommaso,  a Designer at Dramatic Iceberg

We are a small but tight group of students based in Turin, Italy

Formed as a group of students working on a school project but continued as a bunch of friends making games.
Sadly, this is our last year of school and is quite a different year.
Our group couldn't and didn't see each other for the longest time and this project was born and is currently developed from the comfort and distance of our homes. It's a very weird experience 
It doesn't help that this is our last school project and probably our last adventure together. Which was and still is quite sad.
We were influenced quite a lot, and this changed our ideas and approach for the game. After some prototyping and trying new things with Unreal Engine 4, we settled on a cute little game about a magical tanuki traveling through a colorful land.
A simple idea, where everyone could have a bit of fun.  Starting from us making it.

Now that we have some stuff ready, we want to start sharing Project: Zeldo wacky development, hoping that you could have some fun too along the way and who knows, maybe helps us make the game even better.

With that out of the way, let's talk a bit more about the game itself and itch.io!

First of all, we want to thank everyone who already downloaded the game, it's very much a work in progress but we are planning on adding lots of things! So keep your eyes out for new devlogs and new builds.  We are now on version 0.4.2!

For this week we gave our small hero some love and gave him a new model and some new animations!

The same goes with his ram transformation... 

And the village now looks a lot more lively with all these people walking around

Other changes include: 

  • Changed the keyboard controls from [M1 - M2 - E ] to  [J - K - L ] and the transformation from [Tab] to [Shift]
    We're not quite sure if this is the right configuration, so let us know what you think about them
  • New fences and decorations all around the outsides of Oaktown
  • New VFX for a bunch of things!
  • New flow for the Scarecrow fight
    We felt that the battle was too boring, so we changed it in order to make it a little more interesting
  • Changed Big Bull's timing to be more forgiving
  • Corrected some spelling errors and other small things in the dialogues
  • Some minor bug fixes and quality of lives here and there

Lastly, as some of you might have noticed, the page of the game went up three days ago and it was a bit sad... but we are now working on making it look better.  Expect a cooler page next!

This is everything for now! We'll see you next week!

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